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Being a part of The University of Texas at Austin is a point of pride that we should tout in all our messaging. Therefore, it is so important to elevate our brand by aligning with the university’s branding guidelines. We strongly encourage making use of University Communications’ design assets when creating print and online materials in order to strengthen your brand and reach broader audiences. The guidelines provided on this page bring together all the components you need to communicate the DCCE’s brand. They establish guidance for visual and written communications, with built-in flexibility to highlight your unit’s unique value proposition and differentiation.

Consisting of so much more than our logo, the brand captures our identity. Listed below are five key components.


Fall in love with burnt orange all over again and take advantage of a new and expanded palette that helps bring it to life.


Our wordmarks are the primary means by which we are recognized and should appear on all university communications.


The university’s typographic selections have been made to best represent the voice of the university and to maintain a consistent tone throughout various university communications.


Language has a major impact on how people perceive the Division of Campus and Community Engagement.


It's more that just pictures. Imagery consists of visual assets such as photos, videos, illustrations and graphics including icons, textures and patterns.

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