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At the heart of the DCCE is its people—our diverse, dynamic and passionate community of researchers, community activists, mentors, professors and leaders. Their impact on campus and out in the community is what makes the Division special, and we are here to help elevate their stories.

Our team works to advance the reputation and brand of the Division through strategic storytelling and messaging. Our goal is to ensure consistency of branding and messaging across the DCCE—and to produce impactful content that shows our target audiences that what starts here changes the world.

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Jason Molin

Executive Director of Communications | jmolin@austin.utexas.edu

Jessica Sinn

Communications Coordinator | sinnjessica@austin.utexas.edu

Robert Harrington

Art Director | rharrington@austin.utexas.edu

Mariam Ashmawi

Webmaster | mariam.ashmawi@austin.utexas.edu

Share Your Story

We are asking that faculty, students, staff and alumnae submit stories of their accomplishments, awards, community impact, internships, publications, research, etc., to be shared on the DCCE’s news site and across social media and traditional media. For general inquiries about our communications offerings, please email dcce@utexas.edu.