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The university’s typographic identity is visible across many applications, including print, electronic and environmental displays. The following type selections have been made to best represent the voice of the university and to maintain a consistent tone throughout various university communications.

The University of Texas at Austin, along with all of its colleges, schools and units, employs two primary families of typefaces—GT Sectra, a serif; and Benton Sans, a sans serif.  GT Sectra and Benton Sans are licensed fonts. To request a license, fill out our job request form here.

Serif Typefaces

GT Sectra

The font used in the new academic word mark. It is a contemporary serif typeface chosen for its legibility and as a nod to academia.


When GT Sectra is unavailable. Native to Windows and MacOS, Georgia is an acceptable alternative.

San serif typeface examples for GT Sectra and Georgia

San Serif Typefaces

Benton Sans

The primary font for all university publications.

Libre Franklin

This font is web friendly and replaces Benton Sans in your web/digital environment. Libre Franklin can be downloaded for free via Google Fonts.

San serif typeface examples for Benton Sans and Libre Franklin

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