Living Learning Community (LLC)

The WiSTEM Living Learning Community (LLC) is an immersive, year-long program where up to 152 first-year STEM undergraduate students live together in a tight-knit, interdisciplinary residential community with peer coach and resident assistant support. Participants have opportunities to form study groups, participate in tutoring, and attend programs and social events designed to help adjust to college life and STEM studies.

Why should I consider the WiSTEM LLC? What are some benefits?

As an LLC resident, you will live with a community of first-year STEM women and:

-attend social gatherings to help you interact & make friends
-develop lasting friendships
-go on outings to learn more about campus and Austin
-chat weekly with Peer Coaches about how to be successful as a college student
-receive mentoring by a student Peer Coach
-participate weekly in a small cohort of about 8 students
-form study groups to help with first year classes
-increase your sense of belonging to STEM and to campus
-boost your confidence and people skills

What happens in the WiSTEM Living Learning Community?

As a participant, you will:

-live with another WiSTEM LLC student
-develop friendships & peer groups
-participate in a supportive community with peers and mentors
-join the LLC Discord community
-form study groups & participate in regularly scheduled study sessions
-attend fall & spring welcome events
-attend mandatory weekly meetings
-participate in weekly small group, peer-led planned social events, study sessions & outings
-attend end of the year celebration in spring
-adhere to community guidelines & standards

There are no course requirements for the WiSTEM LLC but students will be required to attend a mandatory, weekly LLC meeting.

Can I do other first year programs?

Yes, you can participate in any other first-year program offered by your college or another university-wide program and be a part of the WiSTEM LLC. Other first year programs include, but are not limited to:

-First Year Interest Groups (FIGS)
-Women in Natural Sciences (WINS)
-Freshman Research Initiative (FRI)
-UT for ME
-TIP Scholars
-University Leadership Network (ULN)
-Biology Scholars Program (BSP)
-Ramshorn Scholars Program (RSP)
-Honors / scholars programs

There are no course requirements for the WiSTEM LLC.

Students may only join one Living Learning Community.

Eligibility Information:

To be eligible for a spot in the LLC, you must be awarded a UT Austin Housing contract. You should apply for on-campus housing AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and no later than April 1st. Housing contracts are awarded based on the submission date of application. WiSTEM LLC students must:

1. Be a first-year/first time in college* admitted student to UT Austin in a STEM major**
2. Have completed a University Housing & Dining (UHD) application on or before April 1***
3. Receive and accept (within 10 days) your UHD Contract and select Kinsolving Residence Hall as your first choice
4. Submit a WiSTEM LLC program application by the May 1 deadline
5. Commit to abiding by the community and residential expectations and policies

*Students who have already participated in a campus residential experience such as the TAMS program are not well suited for this experience.

**Students pursuing any B.S. (Bachelor of Science) qualifies as a STEM Major

***UHD contracts are awarded in the order of application; students who apply after April 1 are unlikely to receive a UHD contract.

Program Fee

There is a one-time $500 annual program fee per student to cover direct program costs. All interested students should apply regardless of financial situation. Scholarships are available. 

Application Timeline

February 1: LLC applications open/accepted*
May 1: University Admissions Enrollment deposit deadline
May 1: WiSTEM LLC Application deadline
May 2 to May 5: application review
May 8: notification to all applicants about status (accepted or waitlisted); roommate selection process begins (see below for details)
May 15: payment and confirmation/acceptance due to WiSTEM; roommate selections due to WiSTEM for Housing placement (instructions included in acceptance message)
June 1: UHD room assignments finalized

*Applications for the LLC are reviewed on a rolling basis and applications will be: 1) verified with UHD to ensure that students will receive a housing contract. 2) verified with Admissions to ensure that students have been admitted into a STEM major at UT. 3) ALL room assignments, etc. will be managed by UHD. 4) Students must confirm their LLC spot with WiSTEM no later than May 15. Confirmation instructions will be included in the acceptance notification. Students who are not initially accepted into the LLC will be placed on a waiting list and will be filled on a rolling basis.

Roommate Selection

As a resident, you will live with another WiSTEM LLC student. To help you find that perfect match, WiSTEM hosts two Roommate Networking Nights on Zoom. Peer Coaches will lead with breakout rooms to help you meet other students, find common interests and talk about compatibility. Zoom links will be included in the acceptance message.

Thursday, May 9 from 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Friday, May 10 from 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

WiSTEM encourages residents to connect and make plans to meet up at New Student Orientation over the summer. WiSTEM will connnect students once your program fee has been satisfied/paid.

After the semester starts, the Peer Coaches organize an online community on Discord that you will be invited to join.

What is the difference between WiSTEM and WINS?

WiSTEM is a university-wide program that is open to the university community and also includes our LLC for first-year students across all STEM majors.

WINS is a CNS Cornerstone based in the College of Natural Sciences. The program includes FRI acceptance, reserved courses, advising, and mentorship for first-year students in certain CNS majors as well as other opportunities for scholarship, travel, and support extending through graduation.

WINS students are able to and do participate in WiSTEM events open to the university community. WINS first year students are also eligible to apply for and participate in the WiSTEM Living Learning Community in Kinsolving. This will have no impact on their WINS applications.

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Full-Time & Student Staff

We have 4 Resident Assistants (2 on each floor) and 14 WiSTEM Peer Coaches (non-live in). Additionally, support is provided by the full-time WiSTEM staff.

More Questions?

For questions about WiSTEM, email us here.

For University Housing & Dining related questions, use this link for more information.

Use this link to see the University Housing & Dining pricing/rates.