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iConnect “connects” industry representatives and STEM role models with STEM undergraduate students through corporate-led meetups and workshops, STEM role model panels, and facilitated networking “connection” events where students practice networking skills, career fair etiquette, and introductions in an informal and low-stress setting. Throughout iConnect programming, students learn about STEM career and company opportunities and pathways through facilitated STEM role model connections with industry partners.

Why should I attend iConnect Events?

By participating, you will:
-Gain both knowledge and skills required for success in the workplace.
-Increase your confidence in networking and job search skills.
-Increase your awareness of different STEM career pathways and companies.
-Have opportunities to connect and network with STEM role models and corporate recruiters and representatives.

Fall iConnect Networking Event

For the fall semester, the iConnect Networking Event is focused on career fair preparation, STEM role model connections, and student organization and campus resource exploration. Learn how to introduce yourself, hand-shaking (or whatever greeting) etiquette and tips, and questions to ask (or not ask) a recruiter. Learn and practice the Power Pose to boost your confidence before an interview or any experience. And connect with companies, student organizations, and UT Austin staff ready to help you be successful in your career exploration and job search.

Spring iConnect Etiquette and Networking Dinner

For the spring semester, the iConnect Etiquette and Networking Dinner is about dining etiquette during an interview or professional setting. Learn table manners, place setting (your forks, plates, glasses), and conversation etiquette. Learn about pre and post-dining etiquette for RSVPing (and what this means), arrival, departure, and follow-up. Join STEM role models from corporate partners to hear their tips, lessons learned, career paths, and job search advice.

Are there other iConnect events?

Yes! WiSTEM iConnect events vary by semester and may be created in collaboration with or designed and hosted by partnering companies. Events may include resume workshops, coffee chats, meet and greets, STEM role model panels or presentations, or corporate site visits.

WiSTEM will invite students via the WiSTEM Canvas Community, newsletters, and social media channels.




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Upcoming Events:

Spring 2024 iConnect Etiquette and Networking Dinner

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Registration is closed at this time; you can email to inquire about the event waiting list.

Corporate Partnerships Available

Table Sponsorships are available for both Fall and Spring iConnect Dinners.

Contact for  more details.


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