DCCE-HR provides assistance with all HR processes including but not limited to: Remote Working Guidelines, Hiring and Recruiting, Performance Management, Conflict of Interest or Commitment, Separations and Timekeeping.  For assistance contact DCCE-HR@austin.utexas.edu or reach out directly to the HR contact.

UT provides centralized services such as Payroll, Benefits and some HR processes.


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Salary Increase  Guidelines: Temporary and Permanent Additional Duties Pay

For Temporary Additional Duties and Permanent Additional Duties, obtain approvals by submitting the DCCE Salary Adjustment Request Form (SAR).

For Equity Increases and Counteroffers, email DCCE-HR@austin.utexas.edu

  • Do not notify employees that they will receive additional compensation until all approvals have been obtained.

Two types of additional duties pay are available:

  1. Temporary Additional Duties:  Used to accommodate a change in work content that is limited in timeframe. This type of increase is often used in cases of turnover that result in a staffing shortage and/or short-term projects or surges.
  2. Permanent Additional Duties:  Permanent increases may be justifiable when the work has changed in a position for the foreseeable future, but the change does not require a change in title (reclassification). This often happens because of a redistribution of work or an organizational change that increases the accountability of a specific position.

Please review requirements and considerations before completing the Salary Adjustment Request (SAR)  form.

Salary Adjustment Request Form (SAR)