Center for Access and Restorative Engagement


Dynamics of Leadership and Dialogue

Leadership Development for Students

Building on the research of Kathy L. Guthrie, Tamara Bertrand Jones, and others on culturally responsive leadership learning,[1] our approach to leadership development broadly encompasses three areas of focus: leadership identity, leadership capacity, and leadership efficacy:

  • In leadership identity development, we focus on helping students develop their own unique leadership approach that integrates their strengths and experiences.
  • In leadership capacity development, we ensure that students learn the skills and knowledge necessary to engage in leadership.
  • In leadership efficacy development, we help students build confidence about their ability to lead, developing a reflection practice for lifelong leadership development.
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Dialogue Course for Students

Dynamics of Leadership and Dialogue is working on a dialogue program with academic courses focused on helping students learn dialogue skills that enhance students’ complex thinking as they build understanding about each other’s experiences. The dialogue course will be a semester-long, peer-facilitated course.

For undergraduate or graduate students who would like to be notified with program updates or are interested in becoming trained peer facilitators, please check back soon for more information.

[1] Beatty, C. C., & Guthrie, K. L. (2021). Operationalizing culturally relevant leadership learning. Information Age Publishing, Inc.