Web and Digital

It’s a digital — and mobile — world. Correct branding here is a must.

Digital content should adhere to university standards to create a cohesive voice for the university. These guidelines are intended to help digital publishers and creators to represent The University of Texas at Austin professionally and consistently on all digital platforms.

In addition to style considerations, the Texas Diversity team takes seriously our charge to provide an excellent user experience for all audiences, setting university-wide standards for usability, digital platform branding and domains. These standards are also outlined in this guide.


All digital entities, applications and sites at The University of Texas at Austin must meet the requirements in Texas Administrative Code 206.70 Accessibility Standards (TAC 206.70), which references the U.S. Section 508 standards.

All websites and applications at The University of Texas at Austin must meet the requirements stated in the university’s Web Accessibility Policy.

Developers are encouraged to test their pages using WAVE and JAWS to ensure that they are accessible. Developers should request automated scans of their websites or request a consultation and review by Web accessibility specialists in Information Technology Services (ITS).

A.Website Development

  • Accessible
  • Responsive
  • Organized-best user experience
  • Useful

B.Social Media

  • Profile best practices
    • images size/format-all platforms
  • Hashtags
  • Channels
    • -Twitter
    • -Instagram
      • –Giphy
    • -Facebook
    • -YouTube

C.Video and Audio Production

  • Develop outline/script for message

D.Email Marketing

  • Newsletters
  • Updates
  • Announcements
  • Event
  • -invitation/RSVP etc
  • Best Practices

E.Additional Digital Channels

  • On campus screens/kiosks/DigiKnow