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Division of Campus and Community Engagement

Division of Campus and Community Engagement

The Division of Campus and Community Engagement completes formal performance appraisals once year. The time period reviewed is April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024.  Performance appraisals for full-time staff are done in Workday on the condensed annual review with self-evaluation.

Staff will find the “to do” self-evaluation in their inbox in early April and should complete their self-evaluation before the end of the month. Once the self-evaluation is submitted the supervisor will complete their portion of the appraisal. Supervisors and employees then meet to discuss the appraisal and final submission.  All performance appraisals should be finalized by June 1 of each year.

The current job responsibilities of each position will populate the appraisal form. If you need to update any job descriptions, please let DCCE-HR know as soon as possible. This guide can help you review current job descriptions.

View Position Responsibilities for Performance Appraisals WIG_11192019.docx | Powered by Box

For more detailed information on how to complete your performance appraisal follow these guides:

Employees can access a video demonstration of the process in Workday that they will use to complete their performance appraisal. Note: The video references a final Manager Acknowledgement step.  That step has been removed.

Performance Reviews in Workday

Visit https://workday.utexas.edu/training/performance-appraisals.

Special information for staff with multiple roles: When you submit the self-evaluation it will go to all your supervisors in Workday. When any supervisor clicks on the action item in their inbox, they have “claimed” the performance appraisal and no other supervisor can open it. In order to avoid secondary supervisors claiming your review and diverting the review from where it needs to go, please work with your primary supervisor to find a time to send forward your self-evaluation. Your primary supervisor can “claim” the document, “save for later” and work on their portion of the performance appraisal at their convenience. If your self-evaluation does go to the wrong supervisor, let DCCE-HR know so it can be returned it to you.