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Division of Campus and Community Engagement

Division of Campus and Community Engagement

The DCCE is committed to partnering with organizations to collaborate on initiatives that benefit the community and the university. It also provides a service to community by offering, when possible, sponsorship funding and a variety of in-kind support.

Guidelines and Processes


Requirements for partnerships include the following:

  • Partner organization must provide educational programming for campus or community
  • Collaborative work with DCCE units that provide direct benefit to the campus and/or community
  • Signed MOU between parties describing the collaboration on programming/initiatives, services provided by the organization and the university, and any funding associated with the agreement
  • MOUs must be one-year, year-to-year or multi-year agreements
  • Partnerships are approved at the discretion of the university and are based on the alignment of missions and current area of need between the organization and DCCE

Because partnerships are long-term and require collaboration on programmatic efforts and initiatives, these require multiple meetings with various key staff members from across the division and university, and the nonprofit organization or corporation. For more information, please contact Dr. Suchitra Gururaj, Assistant Vice President for Community Engagement.

Email About Partnership Possibilities


Requirements for sponsorships applications include the following:

  • Nonprofit community organization must provide educational programming for youth development on campus or in the community
  • Applicants must complete a 1-hour webinar through the Texas Grant Resource Center (TGRC)
    • Orientation/training webinar hour required for any sponsorship funding requested
    • For a list of upcoming orientation and training sessions, please visit texasgrc.org
  • Sponsorship awards are one-time agreements
  • Organizations may only receive funding once a year (September 1-August 31)
  • The maximum sponsorship may be up to $1,000 but the average award is $250-$500
  • Applicants must complete online Sponsorship Request Form (below) and include the following documents:
  • Sponsorship funding may be provided if all the above requirements are met, but is not guaranteed. Approval of sponsorship is determined at the discretion of the university.

Sponsorship Request Form