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Support Squad Peer Mentors

WiSTEM Support Squad Peer Mentoring supports first-year students transitioning from high school into the University with a network of peer mentors and opportunities to connect with each other, peers, University resources, staff, faculty, and STEM role models.

Support Squad Mentors help with the transition from high school to college, getting first years connected to others, and sharing campus/community resources.

Who are peer mentors?

Support Squad Peer Mentors are 2nd year and above STEM undergraduate student volunteers who are in good academic & disciplinary standing. They are also interested in mentoring, providing guidance, and share a passion for STEM!

Mentors are assigned a small group of first-year STEM undergraduate students (2-6) based on college/major &/or matched based on interests/hobbies. (First-years opt-in (sign-up) for a mentor.)

What are the expectations of peer mentors?

Peer Mentors are expected to:

– connect with mentees 2-3 hours per month (this includes any scheduled/planned events)
– attend a training workshop
– attend Fall & Spring Welcomes
– attend a mid-semester Fall check-in
– attend monthly Cookie Connections (3 in Fall, 2 in Spring)

Peer Mentors will be assigned mentees (first-years) in August. Mentors and mentees connect at the Fall Welcome: Walk Your Classes.

Why be a WiSTEM Support Squad mentor?

Mentors play a key role in helping us to:

– create a supportive community to pursue STEM degrees
– develop a sense of belonging for us all
– ease the transition from high school to college for first-years

Additionally, mentors:

– develop their leadership skills
– increase their communication skills
– develop and practice their mentoring skills

Mentoring is vital for the success of women in STEM across all levels – undergraduate, graduate, career & industry. By participating, mentors not only build a sense of community, belonging, and networking but gain experience to be mentors for their post-undergraduate experiences.

How do I become a Support Squad Peer Mentor?

Applications for WiSTEM Support Squad Mentors are now open! The deadline to apply is April 3rd.

Students interested in becoming Peer Mentors must submit an application and attend one training workshop in order to be considered:

– Thursday, April 6th from 7:15 – 8:15 P.M.
– Monday, April 10th from 7:15 – 8:15 P.M.
– Tuesday, April 18th from 6:15 – 7:15 P.M.

Deadline Extended to August 1st!

The final virtual training workshop is Wednesday, April 3rd from 12:15 – 12:50 P.M.

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Mentor Application Timeline:

March 1st – Applications Open

April 3rd – Application Deadline (EXTENDED to AUGUST 1st!)

August 1st – Mentors are confirmed

August 14th – Mentee Assignments / Meet Your Mentee

Apply at this link!