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Division of Campus and Community Engagement

Division of Campus and Community Engagement

UT Women Changing the World

Almetris “Mama” Duren
Almetris “Mama” Duren was a beloved dorm housemother, mentor and adviser at UT Austin (1958-1981).

Alejandra Ávila
Alejandra Ávila (J.D. ’14) is the 39th Texas Law graduate to clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ann Richards
Ann Richards was a College of Education alum and the 45th governor of Texas (1991-1995).

Barbara Jordan
Barbara Jordan was a former LBJ School of Public Affairs faculty member and the first Black woman elected to U.S. Congress.

Brené Brown
Brené Brown (B.S.W. ’95) is a bestselling author, researcher and visiting professor of management at the McCombs School of Business.

Christine Hà
Christine Hà (B.B.A ’01) is a renowned chef and restaurant owner.

Cloteal Davis Haynes
Cloteal Davis Haynes (B.M. ’72/MPAff ’77) is the president of the Precursors Inc.

Cynthea Rhodes-Patterson
Cynthea Rhodes-Patterson (B.A. ’94) is a four-time All-American and winner of 11 medals at USA Track & Field Championships.

Betty Sue Flowers
Betty Sue Flowers (B.A. ’69/M.A. ’70) is the former director of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum and emerita professor of English at UT Austin.

Ima Hogg

Known as “The First Lady of Texas,” Ima Hogg (class of 1901) was a society leader, philanthropist, mental health advocate, patron and collector of the arts.

Margaret Berry
Margaret Berry (B.A. ’37) served as dean at UT Austin, founded the University’s first telephone counseling service and published numerous history books about campus.

Mary E. González
Mary E. González (B.A. ‘07/Ph.D. ’19) is the state representative in the Texas House of Representatives.

Monica Muñoz Martinez
Monica Muñoz Martinez is an associate professor of history, public historian and award-winning author.

The Hon. Harriet Murphy
The Hon. Harriet Murphy (J.D. ’69) was a civil rights pioneer and the first African American woman appointed to a permanent judgeship in Texas.

Chang Hee-jin
Chang Hee-jin (B.A. ’09) is a two-time Olympian, former varsity swimmer for the Texas Longhorns and current associate attorney at Spence, Desenberg & Lee, PLLC.

Rosalba Ojeda
Rosalba Ojeda (M.S. ‘75) is the consul general from Mexico in Austin.

Joscelin Yeo
Joscelin Yeo (B.S. ’03) is a three-time Olympian and winner of six gold medals in swimming.

Kendra Scott
Kendra Scott is the founder of Kendra Scott, LLC, a philanthropic donor and a dedicated supporter of UT Austin.

Lady Bird Johnson
Lady Bird Johnson (B.A.’33/B.A. ’34) was a renowned conservationist and former first lady of the United States.

Laura Bush
Laura Bush (M.S. ’73) is the former First Lady of the United States and an advocate for literacy, education and women’s rights.

Leslie Rangel
Leslie Rangel (B.A. ‘12/B.A. ’12) is an investigative reporter and news anchor.

Liz Carpenter
Liz Carpenter (B.A. 1940s) was a writer, women’s rights advocate, media advisor and high-ranking White House staff member during the LBJ administration.

Machree Garrett Gibson
Machree Garrett Gibson (B.A. ’82/J.D. ’91) is an attorney and the first African American woman president of the Texas Exes.

Marcia Gay Harden
Marcia Gay Harden (B.A. ’80) is the first graduate from the University’s Department of Theatre and Dance to receive an Oscar.

Mary Beth Rogers
Mary Beth Rogers (B.A. 1960s) was Ann Richards’s campaign manager and chief of staff, television executive, college professor and government official.

Raquel Cruz Bono
Raquel Cruz Bono (B.A. ’79) is the first female Navy medical officer to achieve the rank of three-star admiral and the second director of the Defense Health Agency.

Sanya Richards Ross
Sanya Richards-Ross is a gold medal Olympic sprinter, humanitarian and Texas Ex.

Kay Bailey Hutchison
Kay Bailey Hutchison (B.A. ‘62/J.D. ’67) was the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Texas.

Sherryl Griffin Bozeman
Sherryl Griffin Bozeman (class of ’64) is a member of the Precursors who spearheaded a class action lawsuit to integrate UT residence halls.

Shirley Bird Perry
Shirley Bird Perry (B.S. ‘58/M.A. ’67) was a distinguished alum and former senior vice president at UT Austin.

Stacey Abrams
Stacey Abrams (MPAff ’98) is a former state representative, Georgia House of Representatives, voting rights champion and founder of Fair Fight.

Teresa Lozano Long
Teresa Lozano Long (B.S. ’48/M.E. ’51/D.P.E. ’65) was a philanthropist and passionate supporter of education and the arts.

Tiffany Taylor
Tiffany Taylor (B.S. ’01) is the co-founder of Tiff’s Treats.

Tiya Sircar
Tiya Sircar (B.B.A & B.A. ‘04) is an actor known for her role as “Real Eleanor”/Vicky in “The Good Place.”

UT History Makers

The First Black Women Admitted to UT
Residents of Almetris Women’s Co-op (1958-59) were some of the first Black undergraduate women to attend UT Austin during its early years of integration.

Alma Katharine Giesecke
Alma Katharine Giesecke was the first woman to graduate from UT’s School of Engineering in the 1910s.

Esther Jane Wood Hall
Esther Jane Wood Hall (M.S. ‘53/Ph.D. ’57) was a College of Pharmacy faculty member and the first woman at a U.S. university to earn a Ph.D. in pharmacy administration.

Peggy Drake Holland
Peggy Drake Holland (B.B.S. ’63) is a member of the UT Precursors and is the first Black woman to graduate from the School of Business.

Jeannie Leavitt
Jeannie Leavitt (M.S. ’92) entered the U.S. Airforce after earning her degree in aerospace engineering. Among her many firsts, she was the first female fighter pilot.

Stephanie D. Wilson
Stephanie D. Wilson (M.S. ’92) was the second Black woman to fly into space. She is a NASA Astronaut and a veteran of three spaceflights.

Lorene Lane Rogers
Lorene Lane Rogers was the first and only woman UT President (1974-75). Among her many accomplishments, she sought equal pay for men and women and created the College of Liberal Arts.

Mary McLellan O’Hair
Mary McLellan O’Hair was the first woman regent at UT Austin (1921-1929) and a vocal supporter of women’s suffrage.

Helen Kirby
Helen Kirby was the first woman to join the administrative staff in 1884, taking charge of the women on campus for the next 35 years. She later served as the University’s first female dean.

Jessie Andrews
Jessie Andrews holds the distinction of being UT’s first female graduate (B.Litt. 1886). In 1888, she later taught German and French as the University’s first female teacher.

Edith Clarke
National Inventors Hall of Fame® inductee Edith Clarke became the first woman professor of electrical engineering in the nation when she joined the University’s faculty in 1947.

Ella Crim Lynch
Ella Crim Lynch was the first woman to enter the UT School of Law in 1906.

Irene Gertrude Brown and Rose Zelosky
Irene Gertrude Brown and Rose Zelosky (both class of 1914) were the first women to graduate from Texas Law, the only two women in a class of 82 students.

Anna Sandbo
Anna Sandbo (B.A. 1908/M.A. 1913/LLM 1918) was the first woman to earn an LL.M. from Texas Law.

Leslie Benitez
Leslie Benitez (B.A. ’74/J.D. ’77) was the first Tejana in the United States to be appointed by a governor as chief legal counsel.

Myra McDaniel
Myra McDaniel (J.D. ’75) was the first African American in Texas history to serve as the Secretary of State.

The Hon. Sarah Weddington
The Honorable Sarah Weddington (J.D. ’67) was a lawyer, beloved professor and dedicated public servant who is well known for successfully arguing Roe v. Wade before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Toni Luckett
In 1990, Toni Luckett (B.A. ’95) was the first Black woman and first lesbian woman to be elected president of the Student’s Association, now called Student Government, in what was then the highest voter turnout in UT history.

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